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Ann Lineberger’s new novel, not a sequel to her previous effort, the highly-recommended “The Adjustments,” returns to the hidden, unseemly aspects of Fairfield County, Connecticut. As a Nutmegger, I was immediately drawn into her world and sly observations. It’s obvious Lineberger knows the territory and its proclivity to obscure the unseemly under perfectly manicured exteriors. This book takes on murder, swingers and a wacky religious cult – things one wouldn’t readily associate with the tonier suburbs of New York. A fun page-turner, the more lurid aspects of the tale are offset by the author’s quirky humor and eye for architecture and fashion in a world that values such things (and hides behind them). “Sunday Best” kept me guessing with its twists and turns. You should read it!  ~ Jacques Lamarre, Playwright and Director of Communications, The Mark Twain House & Museum

I couldn’t put it down. Ann Lineberger’s new novel – Sunday Best – pulls you right in within the first chapter. I loved all of the local details (as a CT resident, it felt familiar in LOTS of ways). Ann writes with an amazing balance of detail – that helps you visualize every scene – and a quick cadence that makes her books very fast reads. I laughed out loud on an airplane making me seem at the edge of hysteria, and didn’t care! You should read it, you’ll see! ~ Carolyn Nolan


Ann Lineberger cooks up a devilishly delicious blend of yoga, sexcapades, McMansions, videotapes and a roaring bonfire of intrigue in The Adjustments, as she rips open the underbelly of contemporary suburban life. This scalding novel speaks to one indelible truth: people are rarely who or what they seem to be. ~ Mark Rubinstein, Award winning author of The Lovers’ Tango

Eastern holistic practice collides with Western materialism in Fairfield County! Ann Lineberger’s keen awareness of the insecurities that quake behind wealthy facades allows her to both tweak and empathize with her subjects. Yoga isn’t the only thing tying the women of Cannondale in knots in this saucy, sexy, and insightful debut novel. ~ Jacques Lamarre, Playwright and Director of Communications, The Mark Twain House & Museum

Are those well-heeled suburbanites flocking to their fancy yoga classes because they’re honestly searching for inner peace–or for something more exciting? You’ll find the scandalous answer in The Adjustments, a scorching page-turner that shows how a Connecticut town can be as hot as L.A. or Miami. ~ Alan Deutschman, author of A Tale of Two Valleys: Wine, Wealth, and the Battle for the Good Life in Napa and Sonoma.

It’s often said that good fiction is grounded in reality and Ann Lineberger’s first novel is no exception. Set in Cannondale, a picturesque bedroom community in Fairfield County, CT, The Adjustments is anything but sleepy. Ann seductively captures the loneliness and drama that boil directly beneath the surface when husbands commute an hour each way into the city to maintain a lavish lifestyle of decorators, charitable balls, fancy schools and personal trainers. In each perfectly manicured home resides a perfectly manicured woman hiding her own imperfect story. The only place the women of Cannondale feel truly “recognized” is at the local yoga studio of handsome Yogi Jack. However, the women soon find that awakening they seek under the spell of Yogi Jack is anything but spiritual. One by one each woman learns that fantasy is just fantasy until someone finds out. Then they understand that dirty laundry is even more unsightly when in a picture perfect place like suburban Cannondale. ~ Annie Heisler, Founder of Fairfield County’s Hello Yoga

Client: Ann Sample Lineberger


No matter what, Old World Charm will always be something of an illusion. The projects profiled here have it because they mix a reverence for the past with a spirit of discovery! ~ Robert Couturier, Interior Designer and New Spaces, Old World Charm Foreword contributor

Ann is one of a rare breed of true journalists/non-fiction writers.  She is thoughtful in her research and careful in her writing and the result is exceptional coverage of the design industry and the products and services offered therein. Her follow up and follow through are excellent, and she shows respect and courtesy in every detail of the process. She’s a joy to work with. ~ Jan M.

Ann is a thorough and inquisitive researcher and author who consistently seeks out quality, integrity and style. ~ Gayle B.

I purchased this book in the hopes that it would assist in my transforming a newly-constructed house into a charming, old-style home. Without a doubt, it did! Sample’s guide offers a variety of styles, all of which are inspiring. I particularly enjoy the featured designers sources listed after each home (especially my favorite, Elissa Cullman’s Revival Chic) and the trade tips that accompany each chapter. I find Sample’s book to be inspirational yet practical, user-friendly and concise, and beautifully photographed. It has a permanent home on my coffee table. ~ Gina E.

Too much space is not a problem for me but maintaining a classic style for my home is, or was before I found this book. Ms. Sample’s book didn’t overwhelm me as many of the other design books I looked at did with impractical ideas. While it is beautiful enough to suffice as a coffee table book, my original copy is dog-eared and highlighted throughout with ideas and suggestions I was able to use and customize for my own needs. Highly recommended for anyone with classic, old world style! ~ Greg B.

…according to Sample, you can achieve an elegant space inspired by the past by respecting the design period of influence and making it new through your own invention. This book demystifies the new-to-old design process by enlisting 14 well-respected designers to share their secrets. Each chapter takes an in-depth look at a project and unravels how the designer made everything new look old again…Designer tips and resources are useful features to put the information provided into practice. ~ Array magazine


Client: Ann Sample Lineberger